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“People who stand at the intersection of humanities and science… are the people who can change the world.”

Edwin Land


Public relations. Writers. Digital communications professionals.

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  • Account Executive

    Successfully manage the day-to-day execution of PR program activities while personally contributing program deliverables and outcomes.
    • 2 to 4 years of PR experience (no less than 2 years spent working at a PR firm)
    • All the skills and capabilities expected from an Associate Account Executive
    • Foundational understanding of marketing, sales and business theory
    • Practiced at strategic media research and targeting for technology companies
    • Proven ability to secure coverage through phone and email media pitching to writers and bloggers covering technology topics
    • Skilled writer of press releases, blog posts and compelling pitches with no less than two years writing on technology or innovation
    • Previous tactical management of social media opportunity targeting and social community engagement
    • Previous tactical management of content marketing and search marketing activities
    • Understanding the role played by industry analysts in the technology sector
    • Successful day-to-day management of the people and processes required to deliver measureable PR results for a client
    • Track-record of maintaining client reporting and responsive information flow as it relates to day-to-day activities on the account
    •  Ability to set aggressive coverage objectives and motivate a team to achieve those goals
    • Experience with event marketing such as industry conferences/shows, securing speaking engagements, sponsored events and webinars
    • Capable of managing weekly assessment of budget utilization and monthly review of team billing
    • Experience contributing to the development of strategic communications plans
    • Passionate interest in your clients’ businesses and industries and the short- and long-term trends impacting them

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  • Senior Account Executive

    Deliver meaningful outcomes for key clients through strong leadership and hands-on program execution. This person will drive strategic and tactical aspects of media relations, content marketing and other PR functions. The SAE will manage the people and processes required to deliver measureable PR results for a number of clients. 


    • Minimum of four years’ experience working with technology clients at a PR firm (some portion of that time doing PR from inside a technology company will be considered)
    • Proven ability to deliver quality media and analyst coverage on technical topics (insightful story development, persuasive press release and pitch writing, tenacious pitching skills, contributed article writing…)
    • No less than four years writing on technology and/or innovation topics
    • Proven expertise in content creation including case studies, papers, blog posts, email content and social posts
    • Experience managing a PR program within a budget and motivating an account team to deliver successful business outcomes for clients
    • Commitment to growing with Broadpath to insure a long-term relationship with our company and our clients
    • Intellectually curiosity and passionate about technology and innovation


    • Personally contribute to superior program strategy, deliverables and outcomes
    • Serve as a valued strategic advisor to your Broadpath clients
    • Manage the people and processes required to deliver meaningful results to Broadpath clients
    • Manage the client relationship and day-to-day program execution by the team
    • Identify relevant media, bloggers and analysts based on subject matter knowledge and existing relationships with those covering technology topics
    • Secure coverage with writers and bloggers writing for top tier business, industry and /or consumer publications
    • Write press releases, contributed articles and compelling pitches
    • Write blog posts, case studies, papers
    • Drive strategic and tactical aspects of clients’ social media and social engagement
    • Manage industry analyst relations to ensure inclusion in relevant posts, reports and presentations
    • Mentor, coach and teach by example the members of Broadpath’s team
    • Set aggressive objectives across all aspects of the program and motivate the team to achieve those goals
    • Manage event marketing such as industry conferences/shows, securing speaking engagements, sponsored events and webinars
    • Integrate PR programs with other marketing and sales functions be they internal to the client or other outsourced partners
    • Attend industry events which may include night and weekends

Still learning?

  • Apply for the Broadpath Internship Program.

    Learn from and contribute to a world-class team of technology PR and communications professionals.
    • College junior, senior and/or recent graduate with some PR experience
    • Degree or pursuit of degree in communications, public relations, marketing, journalism, English, or business & science/business & technology
    • Gain experience with phone and email media pitching
    • Practice drafting press releases, articles, blog posts, media pitches
    • Manage social media programs
    • Learn by working closely with leading tech PR and content marketing pros

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