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Established over 20 years ago as a regional data center and managed services company, IPR Secure wanted to modernize its positioning and messaging for the cloud era. To meet the data management challenges implicit in the hybrid cloud environment, the company developed Wrklōdz, a breakthrough software that provided unique multi-cloud visibility and management capabilities. This type of solution was particularly valuable to IPR’s mid-market clients who have small internal IT teams and appreciate a partner that offers more than just a secure place to situate data and computing functions.

Broadpath needed to differentiate IPR in a crowded market of data storage and service providers. It would be critical to leverage IPR’s 20-year track record of data reliability while also introducing its distinctive “single pane of glass” cloud management solution.

When investigating the industry dialogue, Broadpath discovered that category confusion was perhaps the greatest obstacle to differentiating IPR from its competition. There were multiple market categories, conflicting definitions and the difference between individual categories (e.g., “DR” and “Business Continuity”) was inconsistent, varying by service provider.


  • Identify optimal market position by scoring and mapping competitors based on key buyer priorities.
  • Determine how best to make the Wrklōdz solution relevant to IPR prospects and differentiating for the brand.
  • Articulate IPR’s value proposition in clear, meaningful messaging that can be consistently reinforced across all marketing and sales communications.
  • Develop copy for a new corporate website.
  • Regularly create compelling owned content addressing target vertical industries to supports site engagement, SEO, social marketing, email marketing, and PR.
  • Schedule and execute social media and email marketing campaigns to drive website visits and lead generation.
  • Nurtured leads through email campaigns and event marketing.


After examining competitors’ positioning and the trajectory of the market, Broadpath recommended presenting IPR as a “hybrid cloud service provider.” This category handle was comfortable to IPRs traditional customers while it also satisfied prospects adopting variations of cloud-based strategies.

This positioning also allowed Broadpath to highlight the unique value of Wrklōdz.  The firm recommended positioning the solution as a differentiated enhancement to IPR’s core offerings – something the competition didn’t have. Later, Wrklōdz could evolve as a capability that some clients could use in their own hybrid cloud management efforts.

Leveraging that messaging, Broadpath developed copy for an all-new IPR Secure website. Broadpath also established a thought leadership effort including papers, case studies, and survey reports. The case studies were particularly useful as real-world success stories in each of IPRs vertical industries (healthcare, financial services, and manufacturing). To ensure that the website was rich with new content, Broadpath also established an editorial calendar and published a number of new blog posts every month.

Broadpath leveraged the investment made in content creation in multiple ways including a revitalized social media program and a new email marketing effort. With an engine of relevant content feeding it, IPRs email marketing program realized an average open rate of nearly 18 percent – well above industry average, particularly for a new program.

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