QuantaVerse came to Broadpath as a startup in a nascent category with an audacious goal – separate criminals and terrorists from the dirty money that finances their operations and supports their ill-gotten lifestyles.

The effort to find money laundered through the global banking system was failing. Legacy transaction monitoring systems (TMS) have been missing an estimated $2 trillion every year. What’s more, well over ninety percent of the transactions these systems flag for human investigation are false positives, unnecessarily inflating the cost of anti-money laundering (AML) programs.

QuantaVerse came to market with an innovative new approach that uses RPA, AI, and machine learning to identify financial transactions that may be indicative of money laundering. The QuantaVerse data science platform identifies the AML risk that other systems miss while reducing investigative time by as much as 70 percent.

Broadpath’s communications program needed to convince financial institutions and their regulators that the QuantaVerse financial crime platform was radically more effective at reducing AML risk while keeping operational costs down.

This all needed to be accomplished while differentiating QuantaVerse from a tidal wave of multi-use AI tools, RPA bots and consultants claiming they could do the same.


  • Develop and document corporate positioning and messaging based on market drivers, emerging competitors and regulator expectations.
  • Convince financial institutions that bank regulators are comfortable with new, innovative approaches to AML -- specifically eliminating any perception that the QuantaVerse’s AI solution was a “black box.”
  • Differentiate QuantaVerse from generic AI and RPA tools being applied to all nature of challenges and industries.
  • Develop preference for the QuantaVerse comprehensive, focused approach versus competitors’ limited point solutions.
  • Create urgency among chief compliance officers and BSA/AML teams to integrate data science into their compliance program.
  • Drive qualified lead capture and execute lead nurturing strategies across a long sales process.


After auditing industry dialogue and competitive offerings, Broadpath recommended positioning QuantaVerse as the only solution that comprehensively addressed the entirety of the AML investigation process. This allowed QuantaVerse to stand apart from point solutions that addressed only isolated aspects of the problem. This positioning also provided a credible reason to believe the exceptional results QuantaVerse was reporting.

Created content including case studies, whitepapers, podcasts and blog posts educated the market about the new approach while promoting the QuantaVerse brand. Broadpath efficiently transformed content into multiple distribution channels including earned media, industry analyst relations, speaking engagements, awards and rankings.

The media relations program generated hundreds of millions of earned media impressions including regular coverage in relevant trade media plus American Banker, WIRED Magazine, and The Wall Street Journal. Consistent coverage in industry trade media and outstanding organic search standings also led to the inclusion of QuantaVerse in a video documentary from The Economist.

Although the company was not able to invest in paid relationships with industry analyst firms, relevant firms that covered the AML category regularly included QuantaVerse because the company was undeniably important in the emerging category.

Broadpath also arranged meetings with congressional aids and staff members of the House Committee on Financial Services to ensure that advanced technologies such as artificial intelligence were proposed during Congressional hearings on how banks should be improving the efficacy of their AML efforts.

In addition to repurposing content and earned media into social posts published on QuantaVerse LinkedIn and Twitter feeds, Broadpath also developed email campaigns and monthly newsletters targeting prospects, leads and potential investors.

QuantaVerse became recognized as the innovative leader in its category. In 2021 the company was acquired by AML RightSource, the leading provider of Anti-Money Laundering (“AML”), Know Your Customer (“KYC”), and Bank Secrecy Act (“BSA”) compliance solutions.

Broadpath continues to support AML RightSource with content creation and earned media services related to the company’s technology offerings.

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