Although considered a long-time innovator in voice warehouse technology, Voxware was sitting a perceptual second or possibly third in its market. The leading competitor enjoyed a significantly larger share of voice and was invited to many more sales opportunities thanks in good part to intractable relationships with powerful industry partners.

A fresh management team and the industry’s first cloud-based voice product offered Voxware the opportunity to reposition and re-gain market share. Larger industry trends from SaaS adoption to the crush of direct delivery of e-commerce orders created the ideal environment for climbing back to its rightful position at the front of the market. But, could Voxware capitalize on the opportunity?


  • Reframe Voxware messaging shifting emphasis from old industry thinking (safety,accuracy and speed) to include modern supply chain challenges (customer experience and cloud-enabled efficiencies)
  • Leverage new management team and its break-through cloud offering to re-set influencer perceptions of Voxware starting with re-introduction briefings to supply chain and distribution industry media and analyst, and expanding the conversation to include e-commerce and retail IT pundits
  • Update content to be consistent with new messaging and appeal to broader audience
  • Invent new content including a consumer survey which secured excellent coverage in retail, e-commerce, general business and supply chain industry outlets (top finding: 37% of online shoppers would never shop a brand again should they get the wrong product shipped to them during the holiday season)
  • Create and execute a consistent media outreach program for continuous Voxware coverage including trend and thought-leadership story development and pitching, industry commentary, contributed articles and news announcements
  • Initiate social and search marketing strategies including blog development, managing corporate social media properties and participating in relevant/influential social communities

How Broadpath makes Voxware relevant

Voxware now leads share of voice in its market. More importantly, Voxware owns the conversation about how voice in the warehouse is improving profitability through operational efficiency and improved brand loyalty. Voxware is now recognized among cloud innovators and industry thought-leaders. Voxware’s cloud product enjoyed immediate adoption and has been experiencing year-over-year growth.

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